Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Welcome to the Fox News Shop

Fox News Shop:
Don't miss out on all these new and exciting products!
Jacko Showered with Boy.
Simon Cowell hates show tunes.
Teri Schiavo’s sister said Schiavo had “shown the world what perseverance and determination are all about.” The 41-year-old brain-damaged woman died Thursday after a long, bitter legal battle between her husband and parents.
Pope John Paul II: Continuing Coverage.
Americans, fixated on themselves and their sex lives as always, never did figure out that while they were wrestling with personal freedom issues like women priests, homosexuality and abortion, John Paul was embarked on a grander scheme to make the Catholic church the world’s Christian faith.
Neil Cavuto is asked, haven’t you had it with all death all the time?
Me? I have no problem dwelling on death. I think too few of us do. It does us all good to know life doesn’t last all too long.
It’s time the US gave the United Nations a dose of reality.
Neil Cavuto tells you why major Social Security changes are necessary.
O’Reilly explains that the secular movement wants to de-emphasize any kind of faith-based action because it stands in the face of egocentric policy.
Is Jane Fonda a Traitor?
Let her be a communist. She’s got plenty of money.
Free Speech on public college campuses? The solution is simple: privatize. That would be freedom of speech. That would constitute the exercise of First Amendment rights.


I can’t make this crap up.
Everything above is a quote from Fox News.
That fountain of brazen punditry and lies masquerading as a news network.
With so much going on in the world, Fox and most of the media continue to focus on non stories, and when they do address critical issues they substitute opinion for facts.
I only hope America and the World are smarter and stronger than these jackasses.


Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

Wish it were only Fox News that this type of "news" was being covered on. I can hardly watch CNN these days for the same reasons. In fact I can hardly watch TV news at all except if I want to see video of something or other, and lately even that is readily available online if I make an effort to find it.

Mr. Natural said...

I agree with botha you guys. Faux is hard to stomach, but it takes a tough stomache to watch CNN...what mindles pap....