Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Brother Talks to Himself

My brother talks to himself.
I am of two minds about it.
On the one hand it is kind of interesting
watching his internal dialog
the give and take of his mind
wrestling with itself
On the other hand it is kind of psychotic
Like he is crazy or something
Next thing we know he will be
Wearing a dress and calling himself
Or Sally

At least he likes to read my blog
So shut up already
Yeah, quit acting like you don't talk
To yourself all the time
I know we do.

Happy Halloween

Friday, October 19, 2007

I Believe in Bicycles

I believe in bicycles
I believe in books
I believe in absurdity
But not with certainty
Absolutely not

I’d rather ride a bicycle
Than believe in one next door
I’d rather read a thousand books
Than believe in only one
Or two or three
I’d rather fully experience me
Than try to believe in thee

Perhaps god will have the grace
To absolve us of our certainty
Or perhaps she enjoys too much
The never ending punch line
Of human true belief
Abso-fucking-lutely Lord
Absolutely So

Monday, October 15, 2007

Report from Storage Room B

I literally have had maybe 12 minutes of free time today. Split into 3 different 4 minute runs for the bathroom, grab a bottle of water and some Cliff Bars, the Crunchy Peanut Butter ones, to keep me going.

4 hours on the phone with the multi-million dollar client from Florida reviewing functional specifications. And we have 4 more hours scheduled on the phone for tomorrow. And they want to know if I can have their work estimates done by Wednesday (the day after tomorrow) even though we have not agreed on the scope of work yet. Short Answer: NO.

2 hours spent talking to potential clients. Kissy, Kissy, Kissy.

1 hour spent reassuring my VP that the Florida account is going well.

1 hour spent interviewing for an Assistant because I am overworked. This has a special ironic aspect: I'm super busy, so I need someone to help me, which means I have to add more tasks to my day to interview people, thereby making me more busy.

I know some people thrive in a super busy work environment, but I need a little space to breathe and ponder things. I'm always afraid I have forgotten something important when the day whizzes past so swiftly.

But at least I got the lawn and pasture mowed yesterday. I think yesterday may have been the last sunny day we get around here for a while. Fall has fallen with a wet soggy thump. But the leaves are beautiful red and yellow and no storms have blown them all away yet. I am hoping that the nights will freeze so that the grass will stop growing and I won't have to worry about it again until Easter.

Oh well, my phone is ringing. Farewell Blog Space, Hello Office Space.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Who knew paper plates were so much fun?

Bottoms up boys. I notice that is not a Dixie Chick in that picture.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm Sorry

I've been neglecting my blogging duties of late. My bloggy friends have never been far from my thoughts and always in my heart, but I have not posted much lately (at all).

I could tell you heart rending tales of job-related stress, illness and complicated personal issues, but those would just be excuses and would not heal the wounds my bloggitty absence has caused you, my blogerific blogite buddies. So I have been trying to think of what to offer you as a bloggy good peace offering, but then I just wasted a few days not knowing what to post, because you only deserve the best.

So I humbly offer the following and ask for your forblogness for my long blog silence:

Fluffy Mackerel Pudding from

Because mackerel was good, but it was never fluffy enough. But now it's pudding, with all that implies. And to top it all off it has egg slices as a garnish. Fish has never been so convenient.

Check out the entire set of Vintage Weight Watchers Recipe Cards at They are hilarious. I laughed until I cried. (Not that I want you to cry.) But Weight Watchers really knows how to set an inviting table, 1974 style. So Blog Apatite, my retro friends. I hope you enjoy and nothing says "I love you" like an offering of food, 33-year old food, but food.

See you soon...