Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Knitted Pandas & Cowboy Boots

I love you man, cries Rabbit
Suitcases in his hands
But I’m out of here
Those dogs have completely
Taken over the place
Turned a nice quiet house
Into their own private doggy disco
No hard feelings, my man
But they keep jumping on me
They’ve licked half the fur off my face
And they chew holes in everything
Even Chani’s favorite panda sweater
And they bark at every noise
They are more nervous than
A pair of shaved monkeys
At a tattoo convention
And I don’t even want to talk
About the surprises they left
In my Tony Llama boots
Do you have any idea
What full quill ostrich costs?
In rabbit sizes?
Later, alligator

Monday, April 17, 2006


Interior exterior
Thoughts written on my skin
Exterior interior
It’s fair I spill my guts
The outside’s trying to get in

Individual collective
My hopes plastered on the wall
Collective individual
Thought police tear down dreams
Enforcing sameness in the mall

Watch TV
Suck the tit
Tourists in our own lives
Buy T-shirts
Snap some pics

Did I we see the Taj Mahal?
You us would like it
This time of day year
Its so subjectively social

Everything is so immense
Contracting expanding
But still at the center

Friday, April 07, 2006

I am afraid

I am afraid of missing those I love
When they are gone
I am afraid of being bored
Because the bored are boring
I am afraid of hunger and pain
Especially other peoples’ pain
So I look away
Or laugh
I am afraid that my entertainments
Are wallpaper coving empty spaces
Inside of me
I am afraid of long silences
They loom so large
Between us

So I tell a joke
Or laugh
Or roll my eyes
And hope you don’t walk away
Leaving me
In an empty space

I am afraid

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Time to Kill

Living like Persian Rajas
We summon entertainments
With the snap of a finger
Music, Text, Images, Data
All available in our Digital Kingdom
All at our command
Do we rule the entertainments?
Or do they rule us?
But enough of these difficult
Philosophical questions
We have some time to kill
Before dinner is served
Have you seen that new band?
The one catching all the buzz?
Oh, Jeeves, bring us the Arctic Monkeys!
It’s not that they are all that great
Don’t get me wrong, they’re not bad
But everybody is talking about them
And we have some time to kill