Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Winter Sun

Remember yesterday’s sun so high?
Sky burned and our blood yearned
But the angle has decreased
While distances increase
Our lives become one long mistake

Tell me, Winter Sun
Why has this Shadow come?
Wish I could stomp it down
And be done, done, done
With Winter Sun

Our hearts filled a wide open future
With lovely impossible schemes
But dreams and expectations fade
Fall and get stuffed away
Into the dust of our crowded past

Cold, cold, Winter Sun
Why has this Shadow come?
The Wheel spins beneath
But still I run, run, run
From Winter Sun

Our manic youth, its magic fades
A gentler calm, it fills our space
But the whole world is a pit of flame
How can we find, a state of mind
To shelter love and not be burned?

I’m telling you, Winter Sun
I think I know why Shadows come
We forget our heart's our only home
And we are one, one, one
Thank you Winter Sun

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