Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Godzilla at the Opera

Rabbit looked at me over the top of his Ray Bans and smiled.
"Despite Robot's reputation as an original thinker, I can tell you that none of us has had a truly original thought in ages, if ever."

But before I could ask him what he meant, the first limo pulled up to the curb and Rabbit swung into action, greeting the guests one by one.
"Ladies, it is wonderful to have you here this evening. Please take a complimentary program and wait in the lobby. Refreshments are being served, and the great green beast from Tokyo will be with you soon. He has been temporarily delayed by the futile attacks of the Air Force, but I can hear him approaching the city from the harbor now."

I caught Robot spying on us from the roof of the building across the street as the theatre filled with patrons.
"I will be blogging this!" Robot yelled, waving a metal fist in the air and snapping pictures with his camera phone.

"See what I mean?" Rabbit replied, "That box of bolts just doesn't understand the demands of true artistic expression. He has reduced the whole thing to simple journalism. Any dolt can echo the thunder, but it takes genius to produce real lightning."

Rabbit shook his fist at Robot and yelled above the wail of the sirens announcing the arrival of the main attraction.
"Go charge your batteries, you monster!"

Godzilla stopped at the painted tape, threw his cape over one shoulder causing an attack jet to spin out of control.
"Don't these people know who I am?" he rumbled.

"Pay no attention to them, Maestro," Rabbit soothed. "You have a full house tonight, and your claws look fantastic. Did you get a manicure?"

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