Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm Probably Not Moving

I seem to be stuck
The latest poll numbers tell the tale
Only 33% of Blog Readers Approve
Of my attempts at poetry
And Dick Cheney has suggested
That you reading my prose
Makes Osama happy, happy, happy
So I will have to find some way
To excuse my verbal outbursts
To tie my inconsistent use of punctuation
And distrust of caPitalIZatioN
To the recent terrorists plots in London
Or at least negotiate a cease-fire deal
With the Right-Wing pundits
And their zombie followers
Who have accused me of using steroids
To enhance my typing skills
I am only expressing my self
So if I drop a poetry bomb on your head
I am only defending myself
From the rain of propaganda rockets
Fired by institutional terrorists
Who insist that I must dwell in fear
FEAR and nothing but FEAR
So help me
Great Invisible Friend In The Sky

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