Thursday, December 07, 2006

Biocide from the Inside

Perspectives narrow and unbalanced
Totter and moan under the overwhelming
Weight, urgency, and terror
Of life

Lightning flashes of satori
Of revelation
Self immolation
Bring bliss, love, enfolding
And unfolding possibilities

But no permanent understanding
Is guaranteed by this brief

Skillful interpretation
Useful integration
Permanent evolution
Requires hard work
Brutal honesty
Infinite flexibility

Surviving the thunder
Requires above all else
Open hands
Open minds

Wrapping the lightning
In rootless magic
Or outdated myth
Or limited logic
Can no longer be tolerated
In the age of Biocide

We cannot escape this world

If we desire heaven
We must become angels
And work together in the mud

There’s some lovely filth right here

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