Monday, September 20, 2010

National Debt by Presidential Administration

Should we be surprised that Republican administrations have piled up 2/3rds of the total national debt? Or that George W. Bush administrated over 40+% of that total?
Well, only if you listen to "fiscally conservative" politicians or Fox "news".
Republican politicians want to be put back in charge so we can have more of the same. They don't care what it does to the country, as long as they "win".
Tea Party politicians don't know what they want to do; they only know they don't like things the way they are. The Tea Party can't actually endorse any kind of actual policy because that would automatically put them on track to being "Washington Insiders" and "elites" that think they know better than the people, and any policy would betray the "movement". But they have a lot of "faith"; or at least they keep telling us they do.

Democrats are not blameless; they have freely participated in the last 30 years of American politics. They are not perfect. But they don't want to declare unemployment insurance to be unconstitutional. And they don't want to eliminate Social Security. And some of the time, Democrats sometimes consider the impact of laws and policy on citizens that are not major shareholders in Fortune 500 companies.

So with the mid-term elections coming. I say give change a chance. Vote Democratic. Then pressure them to keep working for all of us.

Unless, of course, you like the national debt level and pandering to the richest 2%; then vote Republican.

Unless, you prefer incoherent ranting and delusional talk about taking America back--(Back how far exactly? Pre Obama, Pre Clinton, Pre New Deal, Pre Industrial, or all the way back to the garden of Eden?)--Then vote for Tea Party candidates.
You can get the raw numbers at the Treasury Department.
Rick Seaman of Portland, Oregon, made this chart.
I love a good chart.
And a good rant, apparently... :-)
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