Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kirby Krackle = Dark Matter

Who knew Jack Kirby was such a visionary?
Those of us who grew up reading his comics knew he was weird.
But apparently he also predicted the phenomenon known as Dark Matter,
when he invented a graphic method for illustrating cosmic powers while staying within the limited range of 4-color presses on cheap newsprint (aka, comic books): Kirby Krackle.
Personally, I think "dark matter" is just an algebraic variable being used to hold the place of phenomenon we have not discovered or explained yet.  And I also think Kirby just liked to draw circles.  Have you seen Thor's costume (and the costume of every other Asguardian, Celestial, Inhuman, etc Kirby ever invented)?
Any way, It is very possible that Kirby was aware of the latest astrophysics theories, but I doubt he would have predicted that Kirby Krackle would one day become the name of a nerd rock band.

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