Sunday, June 17, 2012

Subversive Opinion Liberators

Hey Comics Fans!  There is a new Episode of Super Ordinary Living.
Reprinted here for your Super Ordinary Laziness.
Some people have actually been complaining the DC Comics made the Green Lantern of Earth 2 gay!  Mostly people who never read comics and don't really care about comics have been complaining.
The sexuality of the character doesn't make any difference to me, and it won't save a bad story from being a bad story or make the art any better.
Earth 2 #2 is a pretty good comic, by the way.  But what I found most interesting was that the Flash of Earth 2 is a kid named Jay Garrick.  There just aren't very many comic characters named Jay.  So that is cool.

Nicola Scott's art is pretty cool.
But I really like when Hawk Girl shows up at the end.  Just a tease and a cliff hanger, but good to see Hawk Girl coming back after the New 52 relaunch.
Oh yea, and the new Green Lantern proposes to his boyfriend, but that part was kind of boring.
Give me more adventures of Jay and Hawk Girl.

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