Monday, March 14, 2005

The Secret Is There Is No Secret

I had evidence, dirt, proof
Things were rotten at the top
But as I confronted the Fat Cat
He just smiled
Lit another cigarette
And gazed out on the veranda

You think you know a secret? he asked
The secret is, there is no secret
Corruption, greed, nepotism, theft
It is no secret
It is all out in the open
I know about it
You know about it
The authorities know all about it
They actively participate in it
Everyone knows the secret
Everyone complains
But they all play the game
They watch the tv and movie screens
They gaze longingly at the billboards
They actively participate in their own distraction
The secret is that the losers
All privately are proud of the winners
Because they still hope that if they
Buy enough lottery tickets
They could still win the jackpot
And live in the big house
And drive the big car
And be the next guest on Oprah

Your evidence will not see the light of day
Because it will shine hard light on the odds
The very long odds
Your secret just makes lottery tickets worthless
Which they are, of course
And always will be
You are right, the game is rigged
But Shhhhh
It’s a Secret

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