Tuesday, March 01, 2005

¿Es Ebola?

¿Es Ebola?
Κανένας δεν διαβάζει αυτό οπωσδήποτε.
Il monk ha uno scoppio leggero.
Und er trampelt den zwei vorangegangenen Mann im Schwarzen.
Je souhaite que les petits poissons dans mon oreille fassent un meilleur travail de la traduction.
Eu espero que seus reasures que da fé como ele se cruza no mundo seguinte.
Ik kan geen van dit steek houden.

I can make no sense of this.
I wait that its reasures that of the faith as it crosses itself in the following world.
I wish that the small fish in my ear do a better work of the translation.
And it tramples to the two preceding man in the black one.
The monk it has a light explosion.
No one does not read this without fail.
Is it Ebola?

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Jay Larsen said...

Is it Ebola?
Nobody reads this anyway.
The monk has a lite outbreak.
And he is trampling the two men in black.
I wish the small fish in my ear would do a better job of translation.
I hope his faith reasures him as he crosses into the next world.
I can make no sense of this.

Thanks Bable Fish.