Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cleaning Mirrors, Finding Windows

I want to climb higher but
I keep missing the ladder
Blinded by the inner light
Falling into Freudian basements
Filled with Jungian archetypes

But congested cognitive maps
Tangled with twisted developmental lines
Just add to the confusion of my
Moral, interpersonal, emotional,
Psychosexuality, know what I mean?

The whole parts of my holons
Contest the content of my consciousness
Leaving an empty space
In which all phenomena arise
Butterfly dreams and lazy candle flames

Spiraling around the value core
I desperately want to survive this magic
This impulsive, purposeful achievement
I want to commune with the starry net
That holds the world within the heavens

But I have to take my ox to the marketplace
Afterwards, maybe we can get together for a time
Over tea at that little café near the traffic circle
You can always get a window seat
And I will join you there

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