Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I only meditate...

I only meditate on the toilet
It is hard to be too full of myself
When I am taking a shit

I only meditate when people are watching
Why go to all that effort of maintaining posture
If no one is going to see it

I only meditate when life is hectic
If you can’t maintain attention when life is buzzing
What good is attention?

I only meditate when I am alone
Then I can’t blame others for my distractions
And I have to own them all

I only meditate while watching TV
My inner observer traces the plot lines
And guides me through the ten-thousand channels

I only meditate on holy days
Because there is no reason to waste
Awareness on unholy things

I only meditate on emptiness
Because it is impossible to describe
Yet sounds so profound when I expound

I only meditate on Wednesdays
Hump days are so mundane and boring
The middle of the week needs some holiness

I only meditate while breathing
Because awareness is life
And life is worth living

I only meditate
Credits: Original Poem by Jay Larsen
Original Illustration, Digital Bodhisatva, by Jay Larsen
Awareness of Iamness by The Observer

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