Monday, April 25, 2011

The Best Comic Ever Written by a 6 Year Old

I met Ethan Nicolle, who draws Axe Cop, at Stumptown.  He was drawing a bad guy with a chain saw, and we all know we need more chain saws.  Unfortunately, Malachai Nicolle, who is 6 wasn't at the show.  But these brothers are producing an insanely funny series of wild comics.
You can check out online issues and the hilarious, Ask Axe Cop, at
Ethan was nice enough to sign some books for me.

That's Ethan, the Artist, on the left, and Malachi, the author, on the right.

It would not be much of a stretch to say that ALL the Best Comics writers and artists are the ones that still let their inner 6 year old out to play on a regular basis.  The Nicolle Brothers are doing that in a more overt way, and the results are a joy to read.
It is strangely liberating to know that there do not need to be so many rules when it comes to plotting a comic.  Why shouldn't T-Rex wear sunglasses and have Gatling guns for arms?  And how do you defeat the entire US Army?  You steal them while they are asleep.

So dial up One Jillion BC on your Laser Portal Gun and jump to Axe Cop, hurry before the genius writing this stuff grows up.
Signed copy of Axe Cop #1, Bad Guy Earth, from Dark Horse Comics.
Picture of the brothers from the back of the same issue.

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