Monday, May 09, 2011

A Full and Rich Weekend

Had a busy, but very nice weekend.
Evelyn, Chani and I went to Free Comic Book Day at Comic Stop in Lynnwood.
Picked up some free comics, some discount Tshirts (Green Lantern for me--Superboy for Chani).
I have never seen that many people in the store before.
So I hope it was a big success for them.

Then we went and saw Thor: The Mighty Avenger (not in 3-D--I'm not a huge fan of 3-D movies).
Thor was very good.  They did a good job of making mighty gods into real personalities.
And I loved when Thor flew right through the ice monsters head.  Sploosh!!!
And I liked how they kept the Rainbow Bridge from being too goofy (like it can be in a 4 color comic).

I even liked the Warriors Three.  Although Volstag the Voluminous was not very fat in the movie.  (That is him on the right in the picture above.  And on the left in the comic panel below.)
But maybe he is watching his cholesterol these days...

Then we met up with Siona and took Evelyn out for Mothers Day dinner.

Sunday we barbecued, played Trivial Pursuit, and I still got time to put together a new episode of Super Ordinary Living (it just keeps getting better and better, if you ask me).

So, all in all, a great weekend spent doing things I love with people I love.
Who could ask for more.

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