Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jungle Princess at Super Ordinary Living

I have posted a special komic kover of Princess Zorna over at Super Ordinary Living, my web comic.
Alex “Xela” Schomburg, was a great cover artist.  He did a lot of the early Captain America, Namor, Human Torch, All Winners books during WWII.  He also did this cover (below) for Exciting Comics featuring the lovely Judy of the Jungle.  Alex was famous for being one of the first comic artists to use an airbrush for his cover work.
Above is my loving digital watercolor tribute to (well okay, complete rip off of) Xela’s Judy (below).  Super Ordinary Living’s own Zorna Jungle Princess in a Super Orbital Luminaries issue by Omnibus Komics, my own fictional komic kompany.
 This is one of his many All Winners covers from the WWII era.
Alex also did a lot of Scifi magazine work.  He passed away in the 1980s.
I used to have one of his All Winners posters on my wall as a kid.  I spent a lot of time watching Toro and the Human Torch burn through German oil tanks while Cap and Namor busted some Nazi chins.  All while dodging a hail of bullets.  Amazing stuff.

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