Saturday, June 25, 2011

News from New York

There is news worth reporting coming from New York this weekend.

Gay marriage has been legalised in New York State!
I'm sure there are some Americans that are nervous about this.  Heck, I know some of them.
But personally, I feel this is a moment worth celebrating.  Anytime civil rights are recognised and respected it is a great American moment.
There has been a phenomenal shift in public attitudes on this topic in the last ten years.
I believe it is a shift towards the good, and I hope to see it continue.
I think anytime groups of people can overcome their abstract stereotypes and actually introduce themselves to the American people, that the people of this country will see them as real people and will show them compassion and respect, and hopefully LOVE.  And that is what this issue is about, Love.  Because love is the only thing that can build a lasting and healthy family.  Love is the thing that makes our lives worth living.  And love is such a precious thing that no law should ever get in the way of love without very, very good reasons.

Thank you New York.  I know this hasn't been easy.  But thank you.
And if that political quagmire they call a state government in New York can pass good and decent legislation like this, maybe there is hope for Washington DC.  Too much to hope for?
Well, call me an optimist!

Onward and Upward America!

-- Jay Larsen

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