Saturday, July 23, 2011

Captain America vs Red Skull

Went and saw Captain America: the First Avengers today.
This was a really good film. Definitely the best of the super hero
films so far this summer.
The film was very respectful to the 70 year tradition. And had lots of
comic book homage without bogging things down. And enough new twists
to keep everyone interested.
You don't need to be a Cap historian to enjoy the show. The whole
origin story is there. And Hugo Weaving makes a great Red Skull.
There are the expected tie ins to next year's Avengers movie, which
will bring together Cap, Thor, Ironman, Black Widow, Nick Fury all in
one film. But even that didn't get in the way.
Bucky gets scant screen time with Cap. And the young Invader falls
from a train for no good reason. Unlike the classic comic book end for
Bucky, where he is defusing Baron Zemo's flying drone bomb.
Cosmic Cubes also get reworked in the film.
But I am not really complaining at all.
Go see the film. It rocks. And I think I might go see it again while
it is still in theaters.

Oh, by the way, the pic is a classic Jack Kirby Captain America cover
with The Red Skull.

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