Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kaptain Freedom at Super Ordinary Living

I’ve posted a special Kaptain Freedom cover of Super Orbital Luminaries over at Super Ordinary Living, my web comic.  Click the link to check it out in detail.
It shows the classic Golden Age struggles between Kaptain Freedom, the First Kenturian and Baron von Domino.  And Yes, that is a trash can lid Kap is wielding just in time for the release of the new Captain America Movie on the 22nd.
  My Omnibus Komic is a tribute to (okay complete rip-off of) a classic World War II cover of Captain America #23 drawn by Syd Shores.
Syd was one of the best inkers of the golden and silver age, but he also did original pencil work for Captain America, Lorna the Jungle Girl, and lots of horror comics.  (Honestly, I did not know about Lorna until after I had named my Jungle Princess Zorna.  Life is just weird that way.)  He also did cover work for "mens" magazines in the 50s.
He served in WWII with Patton and was injured in France in 1944.

Syd died in 1973.  You can learn more about him at Wikipedia.

I hope you enjoy my homage to his classic work.  I learn a lot by studying these classic artists.
--Jay "Make Mine Super Ordinary" Larsen

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