Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Zombie Death: A Comic Mashup Theater Announcement

Yes I worried when Disney Corporation bought Marvel.
First they fired all the Marvel Movie promotion people.  (Who needs the people who successfully promoted Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America?)
Then Marvel announced a bunch of layoffs.  (Probably after getting way too worked up over DC's New 52 roll out, which has given DC the sales numbers advantage for the last two months.)
But now Marvel is announcing book cancellations.
The Destroyers: Destroyed after the first 2 issues were already written and drawn.
Victor Von Doom: Doomed to Hell even though it was only a 4-issue mini series and they had already taken advanced orders for it (including mine).
Alpha Flight: Grounded for being too Canadian.
What else will be on the Marvel chopping block?  (Anything not Avengers or X-men related probably.)
Only Disney and Gunboat Willy know for sure....

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