Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Perspective Means Everything

I have this happen to me all the time:
Something beautiful and simple to me is described as dangerous insanity by someone else.
Or something I see as dangerous and insane is defended as beautiful and simple by someone else.

Here is a YouTube example:  (Watch them both or you are only seeing 1 perspective.)

Maybe this is why “conservatives” and “liberals” can live in the same world and never see the same issue the same way.
Hey I’m doing something clever and beautiful with money and real estate!
No you're not!  You are destabilizing the housing market and making me ill.

Hey I’m doing something clever and beautiful to save the environment.
No you're not!  You are destabilizing my business and my way of life and making me ill.

Perspective means everything in how you instinctively describe things in your world.

What we need are ways to acknowledge the different perspectives people bring to the table and still manage to get worthwhile things done.  MSNBC vs FOX NEWS is not helping.  Republicans vs Democrats is not helping.  Liberals vs Conservatives is not helping.  We are just making each other ill.

I don’t have any grand solutions to the world’s problems.  But I think we are all crazy if we keep having the same arguments over and over and expect a different result this time.

Think about it next time you are sure you are doing or defending some beautiful thing.
Think about it next time you feel ill listening to someone else’s defense of their crazy thing.
We are all dancers.  But we are all someone else’s hula hoop as well.

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