Monday, September 17, 2012

Jet City Comic Show is this Saturday

I have been busy getting ready for the Jet City Comic Show this Saturday, Sept 22nd in Seattle Washington.
Shane White did some great promo art for the show.  But what I don't understand is why he put my initials, JL, on the lederhosen of his Nazi Golem monster???
LarsenGeekery will be at Jet City, Booth E27.
Evelyn will have a full set of 3-Dimensional Arts and Crafts: Bags, Totes, Hoodies, Shirts, etc.  Including more variations of the popular Doctor Who TARDIS Bags and Pouches.
And I will have a full set of 2-Dimensional Art: Comic Books, Posters, Prints, and Greeting Cards.
This will be the debut of the new Coffee Hero cards and posters.
So if you will be in the Seattle area this Saturday, come by the show.  It is only $8 at the door.
If you are not in the Seattle area, you can check out our online Store and still get in on all the Geekery Gear Action!!

See you at the show,
-- Jay Larsen

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