Monday, October 22, 2012

Bellingham ComiCon was a Blast!

Went to Bellingham ComiCon last Saturday and had a Blast!

For an artist, there is nothing like having people pay you to take home your art.
So as an artist, I would like to thank the people who took a liking to my doodles and took them home last Saturday.
I got asked to draw some commission sketches live at the show:  Carlos wanted a Hal Jordan Green Lantern.  So here he is, coming at ya!
And Sam had a really cool tattoo of Jack Kirby's Big Barda.  So she asked me to make her a Big Barda she could frame and put on her wall.  Drawing Kirby characters is always a blast.  I love that old-school 4-color comic look.

Sold a bunch of my new Greeting Cards and some Posters.
And I also sold a bunch of my 5x7 mini watercolors.
Drew a couple of new ones during the show as well: Kite flying monsters and a Scarlet Witch that just turned Doctor Doom into a pumpkin for Halloween.

I hope everybody enjoys their art as much as I enjoyed making it.
I have more photos of the show at
Oh, and I got interviewed for the local news as well.  Go read the article at Komo News.
And Evelyn sold a lot of her bags and pouches as well.

Pretty exciting all the way around.
A well run show with a great bunch of vendors and artists, and lots of really great fans.
Thanks to everybody involved with the show.
I am already looking forward to next year.
-- Jay Larsen

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