Monday, March 18, 2013

Do Robots Get the Flu?

Not many posts lately.  There has been an outbreak of Robot Warfare in the Pacific Northwest.  But several visits to the local mad scientist and a wizzo ray gun or two and things are starting to look up again.  I'm sure the Coast Guard or the Navy will be able to tow the hulking remains of the Japanese Super Robot out of Puget Sound without too much environmental degradation or negative impact to international shipping.  Oh, and before I forget, a big thank you to the Air Force for letting us modify that top-secret drone.  When it [REDACTED DUE TO NATIONAL SECURITY CONCERNS], wow!  That was something!
Well, back to the old work-a-day routine, sans killer robots.

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Tusmandados Tusmandados said...

Please explain me What is the wizzo ray.