Monday, February 28, 2005

I Walk Alone

I walk alone

No one lends a helping hand
Or offers to share my load
On this lonely road

I walk alone
All by myself
Just me and this guitar
Made by the fender people

I walk alone
Just me and the funky bassist
And the badass drummer
They really emphasize
With their funky grooves
How alone I really am

I walk alone
Defiantly alone
Beneath the hot spot lights
Run by the cool stage crew

I walk alone
But thank god for the guy
At the mixing console
Who turns on the reverb and echo
And makes me sound so good

Oh, and props to the crew
At the big record company
Who keep all the appointments straight
And make sure that the band
Gets on the right planes

And thanks to the audience
And all the kids who buy the CDs
Rock on, dudes
We couldn’t do it with out you

I walk alone…

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You may walk alone, but you and your whole band ROCK!