Monday, June 04, 2007

Debating for Dollars

I watched the Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate on CNN.
The obvious conclusion is that CNN aligned the candidates by fund raising ability: Hillary was center stage flanked by Obama and Edwards. Kucinich and Gavel were positioned at the extreme edges of the group. Message, the more money you have the more central you are to the debate. The three central candidates got the most on camera time as well: Obama talked for 16 minutes, Hillary for 14:26 and Edwared for 11:42. Kucinich got 9 minutes and Gravel only 5:32.
Wolf Blitzer got 13:42, but he was the “host” after all.

I thought Kucinich did the best job. In a rational America he could be our next president. But in an America ruled by money, Kucinich will never please the corporate capitalists enough to get to the White House.

Of the three candidates the corporate class have deemed acceptable, I liked Edwards the most on the issues. Obama was very smooth, but we don’t have much of a track record to judge him by. Clinton scares me, she is too comfortable with the powerful and she has accepted large donations from News Corp’s Rupert Murdock and associates. But it will probably take a lot of luck and an Obama/Edwards ticket to beat out Clinton at the DNC Convention.

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