Friday, November 09, 2007

You Slay Me

You can’t trust authority
Avoid what they convey
Take my advice on this
Always do what I say

Your questions never stop
My nerves begin to fray
Stop vocalizing now
Always do what I say

Tempests in my teapot
The earl is turning gray
Graffiti makes fine wallpaper
It’s Jay you must Obey
Words by a fey ray of sunshine named Gray Jay.
Picture by my new coworker and friend Keelin O'Brien

1 comment:

Ronnie Larsen said...

jay you must...and i mean you MUST make that into t-shirts and send it out for christmas! that image fucking rocks and if you make me one on a xxxl white t-shirt i will wear it i promise....thats what i want for obey Jay t-shirt....i';ll wear it at the next family reunion, too...i swear...i love love love it....i'll take pics of me wearing it all over oceanside and you can put them on your blog...this could be the next big should buy lol

'Obey Jay!"

Fucking hilarious! and words to live by! it's iconic