Monday, August 17, 2009

Conference Call Doodle--The Rat Catcher

Big cities are full of essential services that operate everyday without attracting our attention.
In the sewers beneath our homes and businesses hordes of vermin grow fat on the effluvia of everyday life. Chief among these are the rats, who would swarm out and invade our daily lives of commerce and comfort if it were not for an unseen cadre of small but valiant defenders. Behold the diminutive Rat Catchers, brave hunters of rodents, bane of rat kind. Many of the bigger rats are twice their size, yet these hunters go unafraid into the slimiest warrens to fight epic battles in the dark against vicious red-eyed rats before they have the chance to multiply and swam up to the surface streets.
We civilized denizens of the metropolis owe a debt of thanks and gratitude to the nearly invisible guardians of our drains and cesspools, the Rat Catchers. Good hunting, little brothers! Good hunting!

--Doodles and Daydreams by Jay Larsen

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