Monday, September 07, 2009

Pictures of my Dad

Here are some photos of my Dad, Claire Jay Larsen, 1935--2009 2009 on the Alaska Cruise he took last week with his wife Carol just before he died.
2000 at the Kangaroo Farm in Arlington WA.

1966 on a camping trip somewhere. He was always happiest outdoors.

1956 in Colorado while he was on his mission. We never could stop him from climbing rocks. He was always full of energy and ready to explore what was over the next hill. We miss you, Dad.
I will be flying to Bakersfield CA on Tuesday to help arrange things for the funeral, which will be in Bakersfield on Monday the 14th. You can call Hillcrest Memorial at 661-366-5766 if you are interested in the details.
Thanks to all the people who have expressed concern or helped with the arrangements. Everyone has been so kind and gracious to me and my family.
Jay Larsen

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Steve said...

I see another Jay Larsen in the 1966 photo -- wow what a resemblance.