Thursday, September 03, 2009

This needs a Warning Label

Found this at
Don't they know how dangerous this could be?
Leaving the Universe Reboot Button unguarded on a street corner?
Please don't tell the League of Sinister Villains and Demented Demigods!
There is no guarantee it will turn out better just because you restart it!


Steve said...

This prompts an interesting thought: Go ahead, push the button and let the rebooted program run for 4 billion years... what are the odds that somewhere in that new universe someone posts a "Reboot Universe" sign on a street crossing button on a street on some obscure planet?

I'd say 1 in 1.

Jay Larsen said...

Man! That is a test procedure with a lonnnnnnnnng duration. And zero percent chance that the tester will be around to monitor the results.

I say cut the wires and let's take our chances with the current universal conditions.