Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dog Bites Man, Is That News?

 Every single Republican in the House just voted For Insurance Companies and against Americans.  Is that news?  Well it's not surprising.  But what is their plan to get their health care repeal through the Senate and past the President's veto?
Oh, the old "mysterious ray" plan, eh?  That might work... 
But the Republicans promised us "repeal and replace".  So they must have a health care replacement plan, right?
Ah, the old "Don't look and maybe the sick people will go away" plan.  A classic!

Meanwhile, gaze into this mysterious ray.................
Just this once I wish the men would bite the dogs--that would be news. 
But I'm sure my warnings would just sound as shrill and unnecessary as Bucky's. 
"Hey America, Look Out!  They're going to---"  Nom, Nom, Nom...

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