Monday, January 17, 2011

Those of us about to code, We Salute You

The gauntlets have been thrown
Time and place have been set
The witnesses have sworn
Full confidentiality

With honor on the line
And balls within a vise
Fears pushed aside by sales' mantra
That it is, as they say, ”All good.”

Armed with what skills we have
Having vowed to do this thing
Deadline approaching fast
We step into the ring

Those of us about to code
We salute you

Here is to impossible tasks and impossible time lines!
Or as it is known in the corporate world, to Project Plans!
Also, Thanks to the Seahawks for one of the weirdest NFL seasons ever, and congratulations on being the best losing team ever: backing into the playoffs with a losing record and then trampling the defending Super Bowl Champs!  Good luck to the Bears who then trounced the Hawks.
Words and Collage by Jay Larsen

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