Sunday, January 09, 2011

Two, Two, Two Heads in One

Well if two heads are better than one. Then two computers must be
better than one.
Lost half a week of work dealing with a failing laptop, backing it up,
getting a new laptop and restoring all my apps and data.
Then lost half my weekend to catching up on work I should have finshed
during the week.
Just in time to pack my bags for a week in Chicago.

Oh well. The Seahawks backed into the playoffs with a losing record
and still beat the Super Bowl Champion Saints in one of the best
football games I have seen in years. So maybe I can back into Chicago
and pull out a victory as well.

Here's a Two Heads Doodle to satisfy your picture craving. Or to
illustrate the state of my ego in 2011.

Jay from the iPhone.

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