Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Music Cutup Review

recorded on my laptop in my room
obscure enough that you need to pay full attention
rising above the ever-growing masses to do
tunes that left a deep welt on anyone who listened
rendered completely impotent, unable to exact change
without the disgust and haughty attitudes that seem to permeate
some enterprising archivist with a tape recorder

the least practical of pop albums
a sophisticated interplay of dissonant, underplayed instruments
a throwback to the times when bands weren’t on magazine covers
behind the club with acoustic guitars in hand
in some fashion to fulfill contractual obligations
sometimes the sounds are a bit too distinct from one another
with an emphasis on minor chords

feel the pounding drums of that last tune somewhere deep inside
they're in now and you're not going to be able to get them out
fill that need for despair and tragedy within pop music
songs are just supposed to be heard
they really fucking rock.

Cutup from music reviews at Nudeasthenews.com
Sprayback by Yours Truly
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