Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Things are jumping at the Studio

Things are busy, busy, busy at the Lazy Jay Studios where the Thunder Echo Ensemble are recording new songs for their up coming album, tenatively entitled, My Old Future.

We have a handful of quality tracks, and a basket full of dreadful crap which we will not burden the listening public with at this point. But after we make it big in the music biz, we will be sure to include the crappy tracks on the box set of B-sides and rarities. It is good to plan ahead for these things.

The battles are fully underway with the Record Company Executives about which tracks will be released as singles and what order they should appear on the album. The band predicts that the Execs can kiss their ensembled asses and will not give up on their artistic vision for the album.

Everyone who has participated in the recording sessions agrees that the new material is a departure for the Ensemble, but at the same time continues the Thunder Echo tradition of funky beats, throbbing bass, eclectic instrumentation, and collective weirdness. New and old fans of the TEE experience will not be disappointed.

The album could be released as early as February or March of 2005, but no definite release schedule has been announced at this time. A world wide tour to promote the album is sure to follow.

Stay tuned for more news as it occurs. -- Monkey Boy

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