Monday, December 13, 2004

The Studio is a Mess

The studio is a mess...But the music keeps on keeping on.
Thunder Echo Ensemble is wrapping up the loose ends and finishing off the new Album, My Old Future.
We are still fighting over possible Album Cover Art, and we still need to finish the mixes on a few tunes, and the final track order has not been agreed on, and Jay keeps disappearing in his time machine, and Monkey Boy keeps ordering Chinese food and expecting the rest of us to pick up the bill. But the music is sweet. And we are looking forward to publishing, the release party with all the record company execs, and the world tour.
We are looking at as a way to get the CDs out to you all quickly.
More News as it develops. -- TEE


Anonymous said...

Monkey Boy sounds like he needs a baby sitter. I'll take on that responsability quicker than you can say 1, 2, 3... I just require twenty bucks an hour at the very least. *cough cough* Your desk looks so much messier from that angle than it does at home. Maybe you did that on purpose or on accident. I can never tell. Your mind works in strange and unusual ways, a trait you passed onto me I'm sorry to say. Or maybe that's a good thing, I can never tell.
Until later days,

Anonymous said...

I like pictures.