Monday, December 06, 2004

Tension in the Timelines

Please keep your hands inside until the Time Machine reaches a complete stop.

The new TEE Album, My Old Future, is all about Time Travel, so I have been doing some time traveling to gather material for the album. Time travel is not the straight forward task the movies would like you to believe. In fact, I am not entirely sure that time travel works the way HG Wells thought it did.

I am quickly becoming convinced that time travel efforts actually create or tap into alternate time lines. For instance I found one past where Elvis was President of the United States and fought off an invasion by aliens (but more about that later). Obviously, that never happened in the current time stream, I just checked the encyclopedias and none of them list President Elvis or the flying saucer attacks in the 60’s. There are a bunch of CIA and Air Force cover up stories on the Internet that I don’t remember seeing before. And that is the weird part. I can’t tell if I am actually returning to the same time stream I started from. Maybe traveling through the time streams actually alters them and I can’t get back to my old time stream. I’m going to have to study this some more before I take any more trips.

Has anyone seen my turbo jet pack? I was sure I left it in the garage, but now I can't find it.

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Anonymous said...

So YOU are the source of turbo jet pack! I wondered where I got that. My kids love it, as do I. I think I'm just drawn to the video game sound track.

If you came back to an alternative timeline would you know the difference? Or would your memory change to match the current timeline? THERE! mull THAT one over...