Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Ego Lying On The Floor

Ego lying on the floor
Don't want it anymore
I'm bigger than that
Monkey chattering dingbat

Why you givin' me
The third degree?

How restless is my mind
Grabbed and shaken
By wild sensory shows.
How to gain control?

Just like I tame the wind
Let it blow
Let it blow
Let it blow me home
To where I've always been

Slowly begin to see
That Ego isn't me.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. You pull in monkeys and the third degree into this completely different poem. At least I hope it's a poem. I'm doing a whole poetry unit in English so I'm kind of getting bored of it. But anyways I liked the wind part. That was about one of the only parts that I understood. But then again you're not even supposed to understand poetry. It's more of a feeling thing. I think.... I think too much. I don't even understand jokes because I think too much about them. I need to loosen up! Keep writing. And is Thuder Echo going to come to Arlington?


Jay Larsen said...

Arlington is the home base of The Thunder Echo Ensemble, so we figured Arlington was sick of us by now. But we look forward to returning to Arlington when the Tour is over.

Yes, this was an attempt at poetry--as many of my posts are.