Monday, January 10, 2005

The Seattle Show

Thanks to the girls at the merchandise table. The Seattle Show was a kick. Flavio de LaToyota and his entourage came out in full force. Thanks to everybody who has been buying the CD, My Old Future, at the shows and at the Thunder Echo Online Store. Special thanks to Mike, Fred, Dan and all the others who have been helping out and keeping things moving.

We are hoping to post some more pictures from the road very soon, if Monkey Boy can get his digital camera to work. Thanks Seattle. Sorry the Seahawks blew it in the playoffs.


Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

Gotta say, the guys really need to stock up on more stuff to sell at future shows though. Started running short well before the 3rd encore demand was out of this world!

Jay Larsen said...
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Jay Larsen said...

Hey Dan, glad you could make the show.
I hope that mosh pit action wasn't too intense for you. I don't know where all those punks came from, or where they all disapeared to so suddenly.

You know you can get TEE merch at the Online Store without getting stomped on by any Doc Martins. And the Online Store never runs out of CDs or TEE Shirts.