Thursday, February 03, 2005

Next Blog Bingo Winner 1

I love the "Next Blog >>" Button.
Every day I click the Next Blog >> Button and check out the Blogs of random people. Some of them are great. Some are lame. Some are artistic. Some are embarassing. Many are in languages I don't understand. But if they have pictures, I like them. And if they are amusing, I like them.

Presenting the First Thunder Echo, Next Blog Button Bingo Winner!!!
Shoart's Blog, Henrism.
Shoart is from Taiwan and I can't read a thing he posts. But he includes pictures, including this above advertisement. "There is nothing subtle about it", and that is because it is a "product of the USA".
Stay tuned for more Next Blog Bingo Winners, and keep on pressing that Next Blog Button.

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Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

For those who like pictures (with some words) from the Free Speech Zone. There is a universal language we're all born with.