Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Self Created Age Has Begun

Glad to meet you
What is it that you do?
Well, I’m a sculptor
But I pay the bills
By means of creative accounting

Wake up sleepy heads
There is Meaning out there
Hiding in the world
Let us hunt it down
And devourer it raw

We don’t have time for two lives
Our jobs are our lives
Instead of letting the Corporations
Devour us
We are going to devour the Corporations

We will sing
We will write
We will get our thoughts together
We will claim our life
Meaning comes in many sizes
And can be captured in many ways

We may quit our jobs
We might stay put
But everything will change
When we create
Our own Meaning


Anonymous said...

Yo, you suck dude.
Is that supposed to be poetry or some such crap?
Crawl back under the Yuppy rock you oozed out from under and keep your tender verses to yourself.


Anonymous said...

He used the word 'yo'. An obvious sign of mental capacity and language skills.