Thursday, January 26, 2006


The blind man ran into his friend
Flavio de LaToyota
Outside the organic food co-op
The Japanese-Italian American
Started asking questions
You still writing those haikus?
Ever get any of them published?
Still struggling in obscurity?
That’s fantastic my friend
Flavio took him by the arm
Led him over to a sidewalk table
Can we get two espressos over here?
Ever hear of Angelina Jolie?
How about Bono?
Of course you have, they’re famous
Ever hear of David Straldata?
How about Amelia Kretchburg?
Great! They’ve never heard of you either.
He is an abstract painter
With a garage full of unseen masterpieces
She composes sonatas for felines
Horrible screeching things
But what do I know about classical music?
We are building a new collective
Anonymous Artists For Peace
We’ve decided that the famous
And well known have had their chance
Bono keeps meeting presidents
Angelina keeps going to rallies
Yet the world is still at war
The refugee camps are overflowing
So are you with us, my unpublished comrade?
You ready to bring peace in under the radar?
The celebrities are out numbered
By the masses of odd, hidden, secluded
Anonymous Artists For Peace
Will you lend your obscure creativity
To this noble cause?
Think you could come up with
A haiku about Darfur Sudan?
Can I put it on the AA4P website?
Who knows, maybe an agent will see it?

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