Monday, January 23, 2006

Waste of Time

To the 23 fans of The Thunder Echo Ensemble worldwide, who have been asking what happened to the band after our disastrous world tour last year, I can finally let the monkey out of the bag: TEE has been recording music in the studio as part of a film project. But like most things TEE, the film has gone sour (more about that in future posts), the lawyers are circling overhead and we have been told we can’t sell our new music. And we thought the music business sucked! Movie guys are even worse…

So we are officially bootlegging our own music and offering it for free on our website. That’s right; the contracts say we can’t sell it. They don’t say that we can’t give it away for free.

So go to the website:
And download the new Thunder Echo Ensemble album: Waste of Time.
For Free. But only if you have lots of time to waste, because the zip file is huge.
Do your part to piss off the Hollywood Business Complex, a hundred or so lawyers, an egomaniacal director, two minor celebrities, one film festival organizer, and the IT manager at your work. Download the file, listen to the songs, and Waste some Time.


Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

Time is going to be wasted whether I listen to TEE's Waste Of Time or not - so might as well waste time officially listing to a recording entitled Waste Of Time. It will surely be time well wasted, without having to get wasted while wasting time.

Anonymous said...

There is no wastefulness of time of the ensemble of thunder echo. When it comes returning to Osaka? Your music seems of character like modification power always.

--Love, Aki Chu