Friday, January 20, 2006

Don't Write In Books

Books are precious
And must be treated with respect
Others wiser and more important
Than you decide what gets printed
Accept your place
Keep your crayons to yourself

Don’t write in books
Don’t expect to have a conversation here
Just take what you are given
Don’t ask questions
Don’t add comments
You are lucky to have these words

Bow down before the monuments
Of history and their inscriptions
Ignore the fact that archeologists
Learn more from the graffiti
Scratched on the walls
Than they get from the official
Proclamations of the Pharaohs

“Adjib slept here”
“The priest cannot keep his wife in bed”
“Isis fed her husband’s member to the fish”

Don’t write in books

1 comment:

Ronnie Larsen said...

jay the poetry is very dense...i try to find you in it but i think i only get 10% or 20%

anger runs thru alot of your stuff but also optimism...sometimes when i read them i fee l i don't know you all...maybe i don't...but i love you...deep in my soul