Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Man of Danger

The blind man takes a job
He answers phones
At the off-track betting parlor
He finds the strident voices
Of the track announcers
Strangely compelling
Mixed with the stale smells
Of cigarettes, perfume
Whiskey and beer
It stirs up a smoky
Cocktail of intrigue
He sips and savors
Every week night
From 7 until 11 PM

He imagines himself
A minor character from
The Sting
Minus the Ragtime piano
He is the charming criminal
With a heart of gold
Waiting for the swish
Of silk stockings
His late night lover
Drawn to him at last

“Hey, handsome, got a light?”

He keeps his lighter
Fully fueled
In his pants pocket

Download Man of Danger before the Feds shut us down.

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