Saturday, April 21, 2007

Catching My Breath

Whew! I don't usually like to log long hours at work, but sometimes you find yourself agreeing that it just might be worth it. My team at work spent a hectic week customizing software for a demo. Now we have to get on a plane, fly to Florida and see if the board of directors of this big company wants to buy it. It is a big deal, millions of dollars in hardware and over half a million in software. Can't give out details yet.

So I am catching my breath and catching up around the house before heading to the airport in a couple of days. Mowed the lawn, balanced the check book, paid the bills--all that stuff. Got my car worked on (100,000 mile check up). And most importantly, got new Fishing Licenses for myself and the wife. Most Washington Lakes open up the last Saturday in April. When I get back we will have to dust off the boat, put some new line on the reels and go wet a line.

Wish me luck. I don't really like airports or hotels or sales meetings. But I do think our software can make life much better for this company. And the sales team believes they need me there to answer technical questions. So I will spend two days flying coast-to-coast so that I can sit in a conference room for several hours.

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