Sunday, April 01, 2007

Super Secret Process Pt 2

I got a chance to get back to my new painting this weekend.
I took the paper cutouts off and put more paint on by hand to accentuate the geological designs created by the plastic. And then I added some starbursts to increase the focus on the Buddha’s head.

Then I glued the paper pieces down with clear acrylic medium. This is always the nerve racking part, because as the acrylic infuses the paper all sorts of bad things can happen to the ink printed on them. Also there is always the possibility that air bubbles will get trapped under the paper and keep it from bonding to the canvas.

After the glue has dried, I put another layer of clear acrylic over the top of the paper to fully encase the paper in plastic. This layer acts like varnish and protects the paper and the ink printed on it from the ravages of time.

I then added more ink and paint to outline the Buddha and to add some dynamic contrast to it. I am very please with the pattern behind the Buddha—It looks like a cross between a tree and canyon walls. I have seen some desert sunsets like that. A pretty trippy effect overall, even if I do say so myself.

So there it is, a new painting from start to finish. Behold The Buddha of the Canyon. Hope you like it.

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