Thursday, August 25, 2011

Captain Obvious With Captions

Today Only, On This Blog, Posted For Your Reading and Viewing Pleasure:
Captain Obvious Theatre Presents:
The Obvious With Captions
 Except for those of us who are not on Earth.
But even if you travel to other planets, Buckaroo...
 When the tough get going, the going gets tough.
 Yoda, was a little green dude, but understand him when he talked, we could.
 But, animal, human or woolly mammoth, the power of speech won't save you from Captain Obvious.
 Because if if walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be the Captain Obvious, Bat-shit-crazy edition (fully articulated with bat wing action) action figure from Obvio U.S. Ltd.
Yes, Captain, you do.  But sometimes it pays to be obvious.
 Mostly, however, obviousness is its own reward.
 But only Captain Obvious could deliver us this masterpiece of self-fulfilling enlightenment:
 Yes Obviousians (and other fans of the perfectly apparent), that is a custom Volcano Demon Illustration drawn by Chani Larsen, to be posted here on the Thunder Echo Blog as a finale to today's
 Captain Obvious Theater with Obvious Captions
But that's pretty obvious isn't it?
Thanks Chani!  That's a swell picture of a volcano with a volcano in it.

And now a collection of words from our Obvious Sponsor:
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!  Mine.
Too Obvious?

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