Monday, August 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Fantastic Four

They say the Fantastic Four is 50 years old today.  And I believe them.
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby launched the modern Marvel super hero genre with this book.
I wish Jack Kirby had gotten more of the credit for his share in the artistic creation of these types of books, but that is another story.
Maybe modern super hero books would have been just as interesting and cool had FF#1 not happened the way it did.  Maybe the Watcher can see that alternate What If and tell us what the world would have been like without the Fantastic Four, but I for one am glad that my life has been enriched by all the characters and adventures and great art work.
So I tip my hat (you can't see it, it is a metaphorical hat) in fond birthday wishes to Fantastic Four #1.
Thanks Reed, for being Fantastic.  Thanks Sue, Johnny and Ben.
Thanks Dr. Doom for being such an egomaniac.
Thanks Galactus for not eating our planet.
Thanks to the Silver Surfer for making sure Galactus didn't eat our planet.
And thanks to Medusa, and She Hulk, and everybody else that has ever stepped in to fill those Fantastic shoes whenever one of the founding members was temporarily unavailable or dead.
It's been great so far.
Happy 50th!

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